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Meet Sam

Mike McAlister

Sam fights for Ohio.

A student who remembers his Ohio roots and is now boldly fighting for his community, Sam Lawrence is stepping up to serve at just 19 years old. He’s put together a skilled and enthusiastic team and is running to change the way we look at our politics.

It’s about Common Sense!

Sam has spent 2022 covering ground across the 47th District – talking to our neighbors and friends about what we can do to better our community. There’s an agreement among Democrats, Independents, and even Republicans – we can find common sense solutions to our issues!

In the Ohio House, Sam will fight tirelessly for public education funding, safe and legal abortion access, and an economy that works for its workers.

… Not Corruption.

Did you know the Ohio State House of Representatives was recently ranked as the most corrupt state government in the nation? This ‘culture of corruption’ that the GOP supermajority in Columbus has instilled in our capital runs from the top of the food chain, all the way down to Representatives like Sara Carruthers.

Sara Carruthers proposed a $300M handout to the Ohio nursing home industry. Ten days later, she received $52,000 from the CEO of a chain of 59 nursing homes, his wife, his business partner, and a lobbyist for an association of nursing homes.

Sara Carruthers voted NOT to remove Larry Householder, the former Speaker of the Ohio House who is currently on trial for felony corruption charges.


core ideals

My campaign fully embraces equality — among our staff, among voters, and within our messaging. We need to voice support for all communities, especially those that have been historically left behind and/or neglected.

The past five to ten years have shown the ineffective and potentially dangerous nature of hyper-partisan legislative body. I am willing to work with any republican who is interested in sponsoring reasonable, common sense legislation that will help the people of Ohio.

The people of Ohio are fed up with corrupt government officials and crooked politicians. To regain some of that trust, we must emphasize, implement, practice, and defend transparency within the state government.


District 47

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