Let's Save our Planet

Wildfires in California, flooding in the Midwest, hurricanes in Florida— it’s no secret that climate change is real, and it will continue to get worse unless we do something about it. I believe that we need to invest in renewable energy sources instead of inefficient energy sources and failed energy corporations.

What’s the Plan?

Due to the great danger that climate change presents to our current and future population, it’s more important than ever that we support the development of clean energy and climate initiatives that help protect our planet. If elected, I would advocate the repeal of House Bill 6 (HB6), which has led to higher costs for Ohioans and tax dollars being funneled to failed fossil fuel power plants. I would support measures to raise environmental awareness and support clean energy development.

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My Promise to You

I promise to sponsor, vote for, and advocate for bills that will support green initiatives and do the best I can to help pass legislation that will help us save and preserve our planet for generations to come. If we don’t take action to combat climate change now, the problem gets harder and harder to solve— we can’t afford to idly sit by and watch the climate get even worse. It’s time for Ohio to embrace clean energy initiatives and sustainability measures instead of pandering to fossil fuel companies and giving in to political corruption.