Let's Grow Ohio's Economy

Currently, Ohio is one of only six states that have a zero percent Corporate Income Tax— I am dedicated to supporting small businesses and making huge corporations pay their fair share. I stand with Ohio’s workers and local businesses, and together we can grow Ohio’s economy by encouraging small business growth and lowering taxes for the working class.

What’s the Plan?

We are on the brink of a recession, and we have to make sure small businesses and the workers that make up Ohio’s economy get through it. By not paying a state income tax, large corporations in Ohio are not paying their fair share and we are losing valuable revenue that could be used to grow our infrastructure and economy. We need to introduce legislation to raise Ohio’s corporate income tax rate and at the same time lift a tax burden off the backs of our working class. We also need to support the renewal of small businesses in areas such as Hamilton.

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My Promise to You

If elected, I promise to sponsor and advocate for bills that will encourage a competitive economy, create new jobs, and support workers and small businesses. Through reinvestment into infrastructure and the encouragement of small business development initiatives, our state economy will keep expanding and stay strong in the midst of uncertain times.