It's Time to Invest in Our Schools

Having been through both public and private Ohio schools as well as being a current student at Miami University, I have a clearer picture of what our current education system looks like than most.

Being so familiar with Ohio education helps me realize that our public schools need more funding, not just our private ones. I believe that all Ohioans should have access to quality education and learn in a safe environment, and I am committed to realizing these goals in Butler County.

What’s the Plan?

As a student, one of my top priorities is education. If elected, I will strongly oppose the Backpack Bill (HB290), which takes away funding for public schools and leaves behind students who aren’t from the upper or middle classes. I will also oppose House Bill 99, which authorizes teachers to carry firearms in schools with just 24 hours of training.

My Promise to You

If elected, I promise to only sponsor, vote for, and advocate for bills that will help us protect and invest in Ohio’s learning environment. We need to have schools that are safe and provide quality education for everyone, not just the people that can afford it. We need to invest in our public schools while also allowing our private schools the opportunity to thrive. The time for Ohio to expand its education budget is now.