Let's Prioritize Our Workers

The Working Class has been the life force of Ohio for years. Farmers, factory workers, and other working class citizens are essential to the success of Ohio’s economy. They truly allow our state to function.

It’s about time we treat them as such.

What’s the Plan?

By strengthening Unions, we will give the power to negotiate back to the people. We must present Ohioans with the options and opportunities they deserve. This includes a proper salary. Ohio’s minimum wage places families in the mundane routine of living paycheck to paycheck - an unacceptable policy. The cost of everything has increased, and Ohio wages haven’t kept up. We must increase the Ohio minimum wage to create a sufficient paycheck for every Ohioan in order to provide basic necessities, but also to foster an overall better living environment.

My Promise to You

If elected, I promise to only sponsor, vote for, and advocate for bills that will put our workers first. They make up the life force of our economy - and deserve fair wages. I pledge to strengthen the power of our unions, in order to promote and ensure a fair workplace and allow for solidarity among Ohio’s workers.